First, I'm aware of the current issues with the app catalog not installing apps as I write this. This, however, doesn't seem to be connected to my problem.

This morning I was in the app catalog and starting to purchase an app, but I had forgotten my palm profile password. I was in the process of resetting it when I got distracted and left my phone for about an hour. When I came back it was still waiting for me to type in my new password. I did this and then it showed me some error message that said I needed to restart the phone. Okay, no big deal.

When it finished restarting it popped up a screen telling me I either had to reset my phone or erase it and then reset it because I was no longer logged in to my Palm Profile. Annoying, but okay, I reset the phone (not erasing), was able to change my palm profile password when I was asked to log in to my palm profile, and then it started putting data back on my phone. It got all my contacts and calendars, etc., and remembered what apps from the app catalog I had installed (although none of those have installed because, as I said, I'm aware of the current issue with the app catalog and know that I'll just have to wait to get those reinstalled). All of the icons from my homebrew apps, though, were missing! I tried typing in the names of the apps and they don't show up in universal search. However I can tell that at least the patches are still installed and working fine, but everything else seems gone.

What happened to all my homebrew stuff? Is it still hiding in there somewhere or do I need to reinstall using WebOS Quick Install?

Thanks for any insights anyone can provide.