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    Hi everyone... I am hoping there is someone out there that can help me solve my problem.

    I just got my Palm Pixi a few days ago. I installed Word Whirl Lite and loved the application. Today I deleted the Lite version and purchased the full version of Word Whirl, however after purchasing the application I received an error message stating "Install Failed: Word Whirl".

    I checked for updates from the Update icon (the one that looks like a gift in the Launcher menu) and it says I am up to date and there are currently no updates available. I have plenty of space on my phone, but just to make double sure I deleted my other apps that I had installed (there were only a few)...

    I've read some threads about installing Preware or something, but the dates on the threads were from 2009 and talked about the apps that were not in the application menu. Being that Word Whirl is made by Homebrew I thought it would be compatible automatically... especially since I was already running the Lite version.

    Anyway, if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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    The download failed because a technical error has happened to palm's servers earlier today. They are currently fixing them at the moment and should be back up and running today or tomorrow. Until then you will not be able to download anything from the app catalogue I am afraid.

    Just to clarify about homebrew and word whirl.
    Word whirl is in the official catalogue so will not be affected by homebrew.
    Preware is an advanced homebrew installer that will allow you to install homebrew apps, patches and themes. It is very straight forward to install onto your phone and once the phone, everything is done OTA (over the air) much like the app catalogue. It was created in 2009 but has been updated many times since then and is used ny a large user base, I feel it is very much worthwhile getting. If you would like to install it read the first post in this thread
    and follow this installation guide
    Only follow it until you have downloaded the music player from wosqi. Then instead of going onto patches, download preware the same way you got the music remix. You will then be able to do patches and themes through preware on the phone.

    This thread might also be useful
    If you cant see the links I will PM them to you
    Hope this explains everything, post if you need any help or have questions.
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    Pip! Thank you so much for this information! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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    The App Catalog is up and available again, so your install should go fine. You might want to try at least one other word game app for the Pixi while you're in the App Catalog. You'll find a handy link for Wobble Words down below...
    Dave Balmer, Gobico Games

    Thanks for your support! Check out Wobble Words 2 and Poker Drops available now in the App Catalog for Palm Pre and Pixi, and follow us on Twitter @GobicoGames to get the latest news.

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