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    Please don't use this thread for a flame war. I originally posted this question in the "Pre vs. Pixi video comparison" but thought it probably should go in it's own thread. I did some searching on this and other forums and don't see many posts with Pixi reliability issues. I wanted to confirm that.

    Here is my background.

    I'm looking to upgrade my son from a Centro which has been a reliability disaster. We've experienced failures of the keyboard, touch screen and direction buttons and gone through three phones. This was disappointing because my previous Palms were bulletproof (7xx series.) He is still under contract for another year, so I'm shopping on the used market.

    I've owned a Pre since the release date. Mine didn't ever fail, but it was starting to look shaky. The slider intermittently locked open a few times in the in the last month. Likewise, it intermittently would act like an ear piece was plugged in, silencing the speaker. Finally, it always had screen discoloration from the screen being slightly misaligned/twisted and it would look worse when you pressed it if you poked an LCD screen with your finger. I read more than one post of the screen cracking when it wasn't even dropped and lived in fear of that happening to mine. Sprint replaced it, under warranty, and told me the 2nd two items were early production problems but they never had seen one with a locked slider. The new one has a perfect screen, I don't see any of the screen flex discoloration under normal use.

    With the Pre, I wonder if all the initial problems are fixed, or if there will still be issues related to the design and the complication of the slider.

    I've found several NIB Pre's and Pixi's (mostly replacement refurbs) for the same price...about $150 (with good ESN's.) If I'm patient, it looks like I might even be able to pick up a used Pixi for $120-130 or so.

    My thought process was, the Pixi, while less powerful, might be a better choice for a 16 year old boy, who might be a bit tougher on his phone than I am because it doesn't have a slider to fail. Also, like all kids, he is a huge textter and the keyboard is a bit better in the Pixi.

    However, the one guy I contacted so far, told me his Pixi was his third one. The two previous ones had touch screen problems.

    Has anyone else experienced reliability issues with their Pixi's?

    Given the same price point, which would you buy...Pre or Pixi?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would choose the Pixi for your son. Mine's been rock solid. The only downside would be no 3D games for him yet and he'll eat up battery if the signal in his school is intermittent.

    I've been very pleased with mine. I did have to replace the original because of a broken scree from getting yanked of the desk onto a basement floor by the changing cord. Think slam dunk! He'll need to be careful if he carries in his backpack. I've seen a post where one got a broke screen that way. Good luck, it's a great phone.
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    pay 150 for a refurb palm pixi? Ehh
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    Following up. Since they were both the same price, $150, I went with the Pre. A couple things swayed me. The main reason was the games which my younger son is more interested in. The other thing was the reliability questions surrounding the Pixi's sound switch. That made me think the Pixi might be no more reliable than the Pre...maybe less. Interestingly, he had battery issues the first day in the high school, which has terrible cell coverage. My other son, with a new Pixi, did considerably better. I think he still needs to tweak some settings and confirm he doesn't have anything running in the background.
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