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    Like the title said, I installed a patch from Preware called 'Just charge by default' to get rid of the menu that pops up asking whether to charge, or use as USB drive, so I wouldn't have to select it every time. I was under the impression you could still tap the charging notification to change to USB drive. When I went to do this, it didn't work. I've uninstalled the patch.. And it still goes straight to charging, without the option. I just got this phone two days ago. It's my first Palm phone, so I am a little lost. I just want to know how to get the options back. :c

    Edit: I'm just a moron, don't mind me. (:
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    When in charge mode, press "option button, symbol button and "U" and it should bring you to USB mode.

    You probably need to reboot the phone for the patch to be completely removed.
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    I have rebooted the phone several times. heh.

    The option key is the one colored in white, correct? Next to Z?

    Pressing all three at once isn't working.
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    Have you tried rebooting your PC? If your Pre rebooted while connected via Novacom then a PC reboot may be required or you could go into system tools and reboot novacom.

    The option key is the white or orange key (depending on version of Pre) to the left of the Z key.
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    Have you added any other tweaks/patches? Can you still access webos qi? If you go into webosqi you can see what all you still have listed under patches.
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    Yeah, not working. I started having this problem last night, so both my phone, and my computer have been rebooted more than once since then.
    I guess I'm going to try and reinstall the patch, see if it will work properly now, and if not, uninstall again and hope for the best. :-/ Doesn't seem like a likely solution, but might be worth a try.
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    There is an app in preware I think it's called usb mode switch try and see if that helps. If you can't get anything to work just use the repair utility before trying to doctor. It usually fixes the problem.

    Edit: link for repair utility
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    Wow. I'm an *****. And now I feel like a real winner. -eyeroll-
    My USB and wall charger both lead behind my computer. I was plugged in to the wrong one. Thanks for dealing with my idiocy. heh.
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    wow. That just made my day. Glad you got it figured out.
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    I'm a pro at making myself look bad. lol. Thanks.
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    ****.. same problem here...
    let me check the cable...

    my problem is real: no more USB acces... and no way to fix it, unless I get a USB acces...
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    Hi freebob,

    Can you define what you device is doing and what steps you have taken? Are you running any patches, or is this just an issue of the device not having USB connectivity suddenly?

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