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    Significantly faster? Not that much faster? I keep Facebook/E-Mail at manual, and Wi-Fi is only on when I can keep my phone plugged in. GPS is never on. Would AIM make a noticeable difference in battery life?
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    probably waaay faster. anything that is doing constant status checking will keep the radio on...
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    There is supposed to be a bug with the aim client on webOS, don't know if it is still there. But anyway, I had both gtalk and aim both constantly signed in up until a few days ago so decided to remove aim, and since I removed it my battery has improved a lot. So I think for me it was draining the battery significantly faster.
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    Staying Signed On Def. Drains Your Battery. I Used To Leave It On All The Time Because I Am A Big Time AIM User, But It Was Killing My Battery, Now I Just Leave It Off During The Times Im Really Not Using It. Also, I Noticed That Having WIFI On While On AIM Doubles The Kill. Dont Know If Its Just Me, But Thats My Experience.

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