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    Anyone else wish their palms did this? It would be awesome if the whole text simply scrolled across the bottom as you received it. I hate only getting a very short glimpse of what the text actually says.

    Any chance we will see this with an upcoming update?
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    or better yet let the user scroll it, this would be a problem with the swipe and delete feature, but maybe a double tap before scrolling would be nice, this would be a good patch suggestion
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    I like this idea
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    I smell patch.....
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    when they are small icons. You click on them to bring them into a view they should start to scroll automatically,

    this would be a great patch

    what about emails as well?
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    It should be possible in a similar fashion to how WeatherDashboard let 'syou get a different bit of information with each tap...

    Ready, set, patch!
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    yes yes yes I didn't think such a patch would be possible but then again, why not? Emails might be a little weird since they're generally much longer than texts but I would love that nonetheless. I'm all for a patch!
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    I'll still take the overall notifcation setup of android. A scroll on popup would be nice.

    Should get this moved to the homebrew section. Much more effective if posted in the right section. I yell at pre people in that forum for all the general crap that geta posted there that benefits or concerns us.
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    Yup needed.. Shoot you should be able to reply from the notification area palm!
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    you're asking a lot of that small area. You start junking it up and it becomes too difficult to do anything. The simplicity with which you can tap, be right at the text box, type, then swipe away is quite simple and easy. You only do it if you need to, and it's much less obtrusive than handcent's pop up in Android.

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