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    Okay, I activated my new Pixi. It shipped with 1.3 something or the other, so I knew it needed updating. When I launched the updater it told me it would download over the next few days while the phone was idle, and let me know when it was ready to install. Since I was having problems with the phone (more on that later) I just pressed the "download now" button. Is it going to take foreover?

    The problems I was having are that the touch screen is unresponsive about 70% of the time, even where I have excellent phone reception. The phone seemed to be the only thing that would launch. I CAN, however, use the gestures, but I can't launch anything. Would that be the touch screen? I do to see that white cloud surrounding the icon when I touch it, but it just doesn't launch. I even tried to launch contacts which are all synched from my pc and not over the air, and that wouldn't launch either.

    I called Sprint and they said they would update the phone and that I should remove the battery for 30 seconds. I did this, and now it seems much more responsive, in fact I was able to launch the updater.

    I was wondering if this phone could possibly be refurbished. Is there a way to tell? when I first opened it, the packaging seemed a tad bit suspicious; it was neatly packaged but the phone was not in plastic wrap, just sitting loose, etc. etc.
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    Update to the newest version, if you are still having device issues you might want to take it back and get a new one.
    You can test the touch screen out by going to device info, top left click preferences, scroll down to tests, interactive tests, touch screen. It will tell you of your screen is working properly.
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    To find out if you have a refurb, go to your phone app and tap ##786#

    Look at 6th item down "reconddate". If no date is shown, it should not be a refurb.
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    Thanks to both of you for the quick replies!

    I updated, and everything is working fine!

    OMG I love this phone! I can see why you all are sticking with WebOS even if the hardware may not yet be up to snuff!

    My Centro is looking at me sadly ... She came to work with me today in case I decided to take her back. I think she sees the handwriting on the wall.

    Seriously, though, folks -- this form factor is PERFECT for me and a WONDERFUL transition from the Centro.
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    webos FTW

    just need a bigger screen and faster cpu

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