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    I upgraded my dads old nextel (which he doesnt want to give up) and ordered a new Palm Pixi for free and figured I could sell it online and make him some money. Am I able to sell it? Or is it linked to his profile and the next person who gets the phone will not be able to activate it? The phone is NOT activated now, I turned it on just to see what it says and it gives you a hex ID number and says to call sprint to activate. Does this ID number link to his account? Or can ANYONE with ANY account activate this phone? THANKS EVERYONE!
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    you can sell it, anyone can activate it. i'll trade you my pre for it :-D you can make more money with the pre.
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    people around here are always buying and selling phones. You should be able to sell it quickly. I'll give you $29 for it right now...
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    Yes, Ebay, Craigs list, Palm forums. I'm in the market for a Pixi myself, but so far, I've found haven't found one for an acceptable price.

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