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    Could someone post a video showing the performance and usability of the pixi plus after the latest webOS update cause I am really thinking of getting one!
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    well i myself dont have a video, but since the update at verizon the phone is very snappy. My sister in law has one and using it compared to my pre its very responsive.
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    I've had my Pixi since they were first released and it runs snappy enough for me. I suggest you visit your local store and check one out first hand.

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    It's a fun little device; Verizon swapped me out from a Pre Plus to a Pixi Plus and I miss the Pre. It's far far "snappier" and I do have problems with "Too Many Cards Open" with only one application open. I agree with the above poster, go and try one out but at the cost of a Pre Plus vs. Pixi Plus on a two year contract, if you don't need the Pixi form factor, pony up for the Pre.

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