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    They have different search results for the same thing. The YouTube app has very bad search results, while typing into the web browser and searching the same thing brings up much better, what I was looking for results. Any idea why?
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    It also hides videos of mature content on the app. How do I fix that? There seems to be no way to sign in on the app.
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    yeah the app is terrible when searching. My non expert guess is something with the timing of the app. Basically, when you search it doesn't allow adequate time to actually get to the internet, search on youtube and post your results. Therefore most of the time it shows zero videos.

    I am on the Pre btw.
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    The App is terrible period. It is in serious need of an upgrade, both cosmetically and deep down in the inner workings. It is basic, and pretty below par compared to other apps on WebOS
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    I would bet Palm and the developers put the App in as a place-holder for us until Flash came out, and haven't really wanted to put the time into updating it if it'll be used very little by a small group of people (the flash-haters).
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    i like the webos better

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