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    I have sprint and want to get a pixi, they're only $28.88 at my local walmart with contract upgrade, and since it doesn't have wifi i wondered, with the rumors likely that sprint is discontinuing the pre/pixi since radioshack doesn't carry them, lets say sprint does stop selling them
    well what happens when a smartphone is stopped from selling? no more updates. and then to clear stock the carrier sometimes drops the Data plan requirement. So if i have a pixi, and somehow magically manage to keep it with service with sprint but DON'T have a data plan in the future, how would i download apps?

    is there a way to download apps , that isn't wifi or 3G?
    kinda like how you can download iPhone apps through iTunes and drag and drop them to be deployed to your iPhone without using the WiFi/3G on the iPhone itself?

    plz, any help would be nice, thank you and i look forward to chatting with you guys in the future as i am an independant game developer looking to get in on some of the exciting mobile markets
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    everything will still work. Grab it. I prefer the pre since it has wifi. But don't worry. The phone will work long after radio shack is out of business.
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    That wasn't the question.
    Is there anyway to download Apps to the Pixi device without using a network's coverage or WiFi, ala the Apps store in the iTunes software?
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    Simple answer is 'no' if you are talking about apps from the App Catalog. You can install Homebrew apps with QI, but main applications are done via the phone radio, or wifi.

    And... by the way... you are worrying about nothing. The probable reason that no one answered your post is because everyone is kinda tired of people falling for, and asking about rumored issues like this.

    Sprint isn't dropping the Pre or Pixi. With yesterday's announcement about HP, you will see the exact opposite. We're going to see many new WebOS phones in the future with this influx of cash!

    Welcome to the site!
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    I just assumed they'd come out with new hardware and discontinue pre and pixi or at least the plus line on sprint. And thanks for the welcome!
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    My wife just got a Pixi and I was wondering the same thing. I love my Pre because of the wifi, but she didn't want a slider phone, she wanted a phone that didn't actually move. Lol. Hence the Pixi. It really sucks that the only way to get apps on the Pixi is through the Sprint network.

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