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    on a side note, i love that lingerie the girl in your default is wearing.
    Looks vaguely familiar...Victoria's?

    I got the pixi and my initial impression...

    however i played with it for most of my first day...

    It's a cute little thingie and the keyboard was easy for me to use...I type faster on the pixi keyboard than i had with much larger keyboards in the past(droid, env touch, env2, alias 2)

    The camera(i am a heavy pic is my job after all) and although i knew 2 mp was bad, i had no idea how bad it was until i took a pic of myself and it was just not clear...

    The Webos experience(seemed the same as the pre plus)

    Speed and apps...I noticed it was slightly slower than my eris, much slower than the pre plus...and extra 3-5 seconds opening the same applications on the pixi compared to the pre plus(idk how the pre works)

    And i noticed what people were does seem to slow down dramatically by the time i had about 3 cards open to the point where i just did one app a know...the iphone way

    I took the phone back later that day and got a hero and i'm back to the same experience with the(Eris) basically..

    Yesterday my boyfriend surprised me with a droid incredible and i temporarily dropped my hero to use the incredible and i'm just going to wait out the evo because i'm having a lot off issues with the incredible(i love the camera however hate the phone and every aspect of it)

    So the pixi is a cute device and i don't do 3d gaming however i do need a phone that is more of at least an average speed demon and if i can't have more than 3 cards open with the pixi, then it's not for me. I used to have about 10-12 cards open on the pre plus so i never would have to wait while they launched but it wasn't so on the pixi...

    I wish you could overclock it...and i wish there were camera apps that allowed you to change the pixi camera megapixel(like you could on the iphone)
    but alas...pixi was a dud
    Told you so.
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    what are u guys talking about?

    er if you are a treo user or lover, like i am the pixi is the latest 'treo'

    i love it i find nothing wrong with it except the battery life

    but love webos and its an amazing little device

    i wud recommend it to anyone!

    so yeh the only thing i do not like about it is the battery life, and there are no good extended batterys out there is one with about 17% more battery life but i want something like 2800mah lol i think that one with 17% more was like 1300mah lol eh

    so yeh the only thing i do not like is the oem battery life but its the hottest little treo ever!

    i hope HP does good things with palm <3
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    I have had sprint for over 10 years and I cant complain
    I have had every treo thats been out for palm os and the pixi is the next step.
    At first there were some things that the treo did better, but that gap closes more every day. The pixi can do a lot of things that you could never or will never be able to do on a treo. Once a full backup app is released and a full office suite is released the pixi will be perfect
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    actually, if they ever engage the gpu for core functionality and general use, the Pixi will be quite a little machine and definitely worth keeping even as a back up phone when you move on.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    I just got the free (online order with upgrade) sprint pixi and came from the nextel blackberry 8350i.....have had it 2 weeks and absolutely love it. My only gripe is the battery life. WebOS is an absolute joy to use. My girlfriend got one too and also likes it. I would recommend this phone to anyone!
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