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    well I do have long fingers
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    I definitely prefer the tactile feel of the Pixi keyboard over the Pre. But I wish the click on the Pixi was just a tad softer. I still believe the ultimate button feel ever on a device was achieved by the HP RPN calculators. Treos were pretty close (not the Pro). But I have the feeling the good feel is at odds with the miniaturization trend.

    Still, the Pixi keyboard is preferable to the Pre. Speed is about the same for me (but I'm very accustomed to the Pre keyboard at this point).
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    pixi keyboard > pre keyboard

    no contest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detroitwilly View Post
    pixi keyboard > pre keyboard

    no contest.
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    picked up a pre again and I must say, my fingers hurt typing on it. Maybe it's the pressure on the keys or the inset of the keyboard, but it's definitely a harsher feeling and more effort involved, if you can call it that. I'm pretty adept at thumb boards and can adapt rather easily so I don't have a problem typing accurately, it's just how good the fingers feel while doing it.
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    came from a blackberry and had absolutely no learning curve with the pixi is the best phone keyboard I have experienced
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    the pixi's form factor and keyboard make me deal with the slower processor and smaller screen.
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    Going to the Pixi from a Treo 700p, the keys definitely felt stiffer, like I had to punch them harder. Slows me down, compared to my old Treo where typing was more fluid -- and less noisy. Minor quibble of course. I did try out the Pre keyboard and still prefer the Pixi.

    The only thing I miss on the keyboard is the "menu" button... (old habits die hard)
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