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    so as of about a week ago my pixi started to not want to charge. I would plug it in and nothing. Wiggle the power cord at the charging port then it would charge. If I move it I lose the charge. Now I don't have the insurance with sprint. What are my options. Will a touchstone solve this? Will sprint fix it for free?
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    I have seen this with my girls pixi she had the same issue, though it resolved itself. I did buy another charger and that might have been the issue. I would go to the sprint store and ask them to use one of their chargers there to see if it charges without any issues, also with a touchstone they have at the store. Atleast this way you can see if you need another charger, maybe use a touchstone, or if non of the above a sprint rep will see it as a product issue and give you another one free due to the terms of the insurrance policy.
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    do an interactive test. Open "device info" app. Tap the upper left corner to bring down the app menu. Select tests, then interactive and choose power test.
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    phones with electrical problems tend to be replaced quickly even if you dont have insurance.
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    I had the same problem, I just went into the sprint store and said the charger wasn't working without a question the lady reached behind the counter and grabbed me a new one

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