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    Dear all,

    I am interested in getting a device and I wanted to buy one from Ebay US like the Palm Pixi Plus. I ought though to have it working under O2 Germany. My question now is and I suppose that counts for the Palm Pre Plus too, whether I need to flash to the phone in order to work under a different network using Web Doctor.

    I cannot find any clear indication that SIM cards are used. It rather seems that there this is done software wise. I only know of the oldfashioned "Unlocking" method: 1.Data cable connection, 2.Execute patch. With Palm devices it seems to work a whole different way. Unfortunately for the Web Doctor there is only an image for the Palm Pre available. Does this mean that I am only able to use Palm Pre devices on the O2 Germany network?

    I'd appreciated any input to above questions. Best wishes

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    You cannot use a cdma (verizon) phone on a gsm (o2) network they are incompatible
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    The Pre and Pixi Plus are to soon be released officially on O2 Germany.
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    German O2 Palm devices are, as a rule, free as in speech - that is, once you purchase them (or agree to pay in 24 installments for a one-time fee of €1) you can use them in any GSM/UMTS network of your choosing, in any country supporting the proper GSM band.

    <edit> Meaning that you could buy a German Pixi here (since apparently you're coming to Germany) and just keep using it in the US if and when you return, as I know that some carrier does support the same bands we use here - wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was T-Mobile.

    <further edit> There is absolutely -NO- cdma service in Germany, nor has there ever been any. Sorry, your only option is to buy one here (they will be released this wednesday). And you won't be able to use your apparently existing Pre Plus here, either - nothing you can do about it, it's a stone-cold hardware issue that no software in the world can rectify.
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