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    Starting a couple of weeks ago, my Pixi has been constantly stuck in headset mode. I've been using the Ghastly Headset app to fix it, but it so tedious and annoying to have to do it several times a day. Since this is a common problem, does anyone know if I can go to a Sprint store and have it replaced? I do not have the $7/mo insurance plan. Thanks!

    P.S. I have another very bizarre problem: sometimes when I turn on my phone (from it being shut down), the screen is upside down and reversed and the colors are inverted! Maybe this will help my chances with exchanging it?
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    yes you can get a replacement if stuck in headset mode
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    Yep. I got my wife a replacement at the Sprint Store just this past weekend due to being stuck in headphones mode.
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    I've had headset mode twice. Twice I've taken it in to the store. Once they were able to get it unstuck and returned the device back to me; but the first time they were not able and handed me a refurbed replacement. My advice, keep taking it in. Bad HW not functioning as designed --> replace HW, right? Cheers! /mauro
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    Thanks for all your replies, everyone! I shall go to the Sprint store tomorrow.
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    i ** get some one that knows about pres they will tell u to dr ur phone. i saw it happen to a guy but i dont know loll
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    All you have to do is call somebody put the headset in and take it out and it will take it out of headset mode.
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    Have you tried:

    - Pluging headphones/headset in and out a few times.
    - Plugging a set of headphones in while on a call and unplugging while still on the call.
    - Trimming down a q-tip and cleaning the 3.5mm jack with rubbing alcohol.
    - Toggling the mute button.
    - Shut down and pull out the battery.

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    A lot of times this is just a piece of lint in the headphone connector. Try hitting it with a shot of compressed air from one of those duster cans. Worked for me.
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    man you could make some seriously unique Pre holsters out of those shoes. you could be the next artistic hero that the national endowment wants to throw money at. i get a cut for being the muse though ok?

    ps.... if all else fails for the headphone issue there's a free palm app called Headcold that gives you a switch button on your launcher. worked for me when i broke the inside of my headphone inlet. without it i had no external sound from the phone so i didnt know if it was ringing or alarming, etc.

    if you have classic emulator for your pre you can use the headcold app.
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    The reversed and upside down screen is one of those hidden options. It is not a hardware issue. be careful how many times you hit or push your power button next time. If you remember how you pressed it the first time you can do again to toggle back to original display.
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    I have had the headset problem once. I also looked on here for help. The way I got it out was plugging in the headphones and while putting a little pressure towards the front of the phone, pull the headphones out. This might have to be done a few times before it fixes it. But I havent had the problem since. I also had the weird screen color problem. I believe it had something to do with the slider since it happened when I closed the phone. I just pulled the battery let it sit for a while and put it back in. It happened a few times but once it was done throwing its tantrum, it hasnt happened since. It sounds weird but I think the device needs to get used to running and get the kinks out before running well. Did you just get the phone? All my problems happened when I first got it. But now its running perfectly. I think everyones answer is to replace it. Which is why so many people say they have been through like 10 pres. haha
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    Its real easy to just replace the headset jack i have one
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