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    Hey all, I'm new to palm devices (and pretty much smartphones in general). I'm a verizon customer and recently purchased a pixi plus because I prefer the form factor and the keyboard over the pre plus.

    My concern is, after having to exchange the first pixi plus pretty much the next day for having a glaring earpiece-speaker defect (voices would buzz both incoming and outgoing on anything but the lowest volume setting; the new phone sounds perfect) now the screen will, for want of a better term, 'click' whenever I put light pressure on it. The primary areas involved in this include the gesture area up to just above the launch bar on the main screen. The rest of the screen feels solid and does not have the aforementioned 'click'. The amount of pressure needed to cause this clicking is only slight, right around the amount you would typically use to swipe or tap normally. Pretty much whenever I tap the gesture bar or make a swiping motion I hear this click accompanied by a very slight depression.

    I only ask this because I did not notice this on the previous unit I had, or on this current one as of a few days ago. Perhaps it is normal and I just noticed it, but I am concerned only because I don't want this thing to start having hardware issues just a few days into use. I keep the phone in my pocket most of the time by itself (no keys or other items to press up against it).

    So I suppose my question would be, is anyone else having this issue or is it a normal occurrence and I should stop worrying about it?
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    My wife has a Pixi and hers does not have the clicking issue you describe. She did have an earpiece problem, though not as bad as yours. We exchanged her Pixi two days ago due to a different problem (stuck in headphones mode) and it does appear to have resolved the earpiece issue, too.

    I'd take your Pixi back and exchange it.
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    the stuck in head set problem happens to everyone pre or pixi I'm surprise they gave you another pixi.
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    This 'problem' you describe is subjective, i.e. a click to you may not be noticed by me. Occasionally my Pre keyboard will creak when I type on it but I'd never consider returning the phone because of this.
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    Regarding the earpiece speaker defect (sounds like the input volume is too loud -- or speaker is blown), mine has the same issue... particularly bad if I'm talking to a guy... more bass in the voice, which makes me lean more toward a blown speaker than too much input volume.

    Anyway, couple questions.

    1. I bought my Pixi Plus online through Verizon's store... part of my "new every two" upgrade. Can I take the phone to a local store to exchange it?

    2. However I end up having to exchange the phone... do I have to remove all the preware/apps/patches/themes etc before I take it back?
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    You can definitely take it to a Verizon store and I'd return the phone to the state it was when you bought it.
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    Ok, thanks... is there a quick and easy way to revert everything back to default, rather than individually removing each patch/app/etc?


    Got the default stuff figured out... took it to one of the local stores for a replacement, and I'm told that since I got the phone from Verizon online, I have to take it to their store which deals primarily with Palm, which is about a half hour away from me. For the record, I went to an actual Verizon Wireless store... not a mall kiosk, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc...

    Yes, I have all the original packaging and the box it came in. Yes, they have Pixis in stock at the store that I went to. No, I can not have one of those.

    What a freakin' pain.
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