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    Kinda a vague title, I know, but my question is: is it possible to interact with cards that are not zoomed in to full screen (ie sent back to the "desktop" view)? For instance, I would like to be able to say hold the gesture area while scrolling through my texts without it simply moving the card around, or be able to tap in an app without it actually zooming in to that app. Is it me or would this be very cool and functional as well? You would really get a true sense of the multi-tasking power of webos. Maybe if there was a way to cause a gesture to prevent the app from zooming in but still allow you to interact with the card, then it would be possible?

    Just a thought, and an idea I would really like to see implemented in webos...what are your ideas?
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    I'd have gone with inactive rather than zoomed-out but maybe zoomed-out is even better? :-)

    You cannot do this and personally I wouldn't have a need for it. Do you know about the 'Switch Applications' gesture? You can turn it on in Screen & Lock. It let's you switch between applications by swiping the entire length of the gesture area in either direction.

    I think introducing the feature you suggest would really confuse things.
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