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    Have any rumors of a pre tablet been about? You would think the makers of the Palm Computer would be logical to enter the invigorated tablet market.

    Would love to see a WebOS tablet even if it is contracted out to another company!

    Would you fellow Pre and Pixi users buy a WebOS Tablet?
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    my son bought an iPad and the only thing I could think of while trying it out was, man WebOS would be incredible on a device like this! I'd buy. I kept wanting to flick programs off the screen to close them
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    This is in the pixi section because...?
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    they have no money. They have subpar equipment now. WebOS is still buggy. They need to dediacte money and resources to a pad why?. They haven't even gotten the phone side down yet.
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    This is stuff we would have been better off considering if the Pre or Pre+ had been a huge success.
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    Simple Answer: No for the exact same reason I don't have an Iphone.

    webOS makes my life easier: I spend less time in front of my laptop and overall less time interacting with the internet. I use my phone a lot, but the syncing makes this such a painless affair that I'm on and off in much less time then it took before. Checking my email is a good example. Not only does it tell me I have new messages, I can quickly check to see if any are worthwhile to respond to, if not I can delete them from my inbox by swiping them to the side. Before, I would have to set time aside to go to my office, sit in front of my laptop, and forcibly review my emails. Doing this on the fly in a few seconds prevents wasted time.

    Touch Tablets are cool, they are neat, but they won't make my life any easier. Ipads are popular because a man in a black shirt and blue jeans tells everyone how cool they are, and these people listen. This does not mean that Palm, HP, Dell, etc can make a similar product that will do 1/4 as well. It only means that a company has such loyalty that their customers will willingly enslave themselves to buy the next thing regardless of how they may use it, or it impacts their freetime. To this loyalty, finding ways in which to use it almost constantly is the point I think... I find this counterintuitive to how the Pixi has impacted my life. Its small, unobtrusive, gets things done and over so I can move on with what I need to do. 'Pixi' belies that this thing is a < $49 swiss army knife for the digital age.

    Do I think webOS would make a better tablet? Sure I do. The Cards concept is just plain awesome. Will this save the company? No, the loyalty and fanbase does not exist(yet). I could foresee however, that when my wife's $300 netbook dies, a BT keyboard and a tablet could be the replacement if the price isn't $900. Bottom line, without fan-atics, price rules.
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    what does this have to do with the pixi?
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    they cant even get the phones to sell, why make a tablet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by s13timeattack View Post
    they cant even get the phones to sell, why make a tablet?
    why are you still here?

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