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    Ive tried downloading several things like led torch on my pixi and it doenst work. Is there a way to know which apps are for pixi. Im getting frustrated finding everything is for pre.
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    well it is called precentral and preware loll the pixi is not capable of doing as many things as the pre.
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    when you look at webos quick to download apps, it says it will recognize either pre OR PIXI and you can begin downloading for either or. I just want to know which apps are pixi compatible or if anyone knows of a site or anything that will be exclusively for the pixi.
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    I actually prefer the pixi and have noticed this too. I do not expect things like some types of games to make the transfer to the pixi due to screen size restrictions but imagine with a bit more time most of the comm/bussiness type apps will be fully compatible. Im not sure of all the hardware specs so cant chime in regarding the led flashlight problems(i have them too). I develop mobile apps for all platforms and have just started dev on webos so maybe in couple of weeks I can have a better answer. I have noticed that even some common list type apps wont install on the pixie with a message saying the app is not for this model. It seems to be lazy or early stage programming for those apps because the screen size would not be a significant difference. Hopefully all aspects of the app ecosystem will improve, this is sadly only one of the major issues. At this point I'm just coding apps I need without thoughts of the market place. If i didnt like the pixi so much I wouldnt even bother. As for a specific pixi only app feed, I am unaware of any.

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