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    First, some background. I am very much a power user; I'm an IT Manager by trade and thoroughly use my phone. From 6am to 10pm my phone is in use for work and personal things. I use Exchange for my work things, and a Google Apps account for my personal stuff.

    I was an old Palm OS guy - even as a teenager, I had a Palm PDA and I jumped on the Treo's as soon as I could. As the Treo's became dated, I've extensively used multiple phones on each of the major platforms (WinMo, BB, iPhone, Android, and most recently webOS - I am frequently teased for being a phone ***** haha).

    I loved the refined, graphically pleasing, and intuitiveness of the iPhone - I could NOT stand AT&T's network, the battery life, or Apple's habit of locking you into their way of doing things (good luck having reliable syncing with any media or PIM information from something other than their very narrow universe). My solution was to switch to the Android platform; but even with my last Motorola Droid, I found both the platform and the phone itself to be very unrefined and not ready for primetime by far. The final straw for me when my phone started sending my text messages to the wrong open conversation (yes, it actually happened - I wrote off the first couple times as my own mistake or just a completely bizarre fluke, until I started being able to verify it). I recently switched to the Palm Pixi.

    I have found a platform that I completely love! I find webOS to be nearly as refined as the iPhone, yet even more powerful. The multitasking is simply amazing! It syncs both my GMail-based personal account and my corporate Exchange perfectly! Palm really hit the ball out of the park with this one!

    I love the phone hardware as well! The keyboard is the best one I've used on a phone yet (and that's saying something, I work with and have had a boatload of phones). I haven't been this impressed with a package of a phone being so capable and small at the same time since the Pearl first came out.

    However, I am having a few problems:

    1.) Battery life. It seems to have improved the last few days (pushing 2 weeks of use now), but wow the battery life is downright abysmal. Even on only light texting days, I am pushing dead by midafternoon. Yes, I'm on 1.4 - I upgraded to that within the first day of purchasing it. I realize it may be the downfall of having such a small device. But wow.....honestly, I don't want to have to disable 3G (which actually didn't help that much for me), have 1% brightness, and only check email every 12 hours to make it through a day (yes, I am being a little sarcastic). What kind of luck has anyone had with the Pixi extended batteries from Seido (are there others?)? Do they still work with the touchstone charging (which is just cooler than sliced cheese, by the way!)?

    2.) Instability. This phone crashes on me - often. Up to several times daily. Its very disruptive when I'm trying to fire off a text or an email, especially for work. It's also just completely shut off on me twice. Is this occuring with anyone else's Pixi or Pre? Maybe I have bad hardware?

    3.) Speed. The Pixi's speed complaints I've read are real. Problem is, its inconsistent. Sometimes I click on "calendar" and it pops up in just a couple seconds, I can live with that. Other times it takes 10+ seconds. I also have frequent lagging when switching between open apps (and no, I rarely have more than 3-4 cards open) or typing delays, even just that half-second for buttons on the unlock screen to register. Its just that general sluggishness. I realize that may be nitpicky to some, but when you're used to the iPhone's responsiveness and lean on your phone as much as I do, it can be a little aggravating. It helps when I reboot, but I really don't want to have to think about stopping and doing that when I'm just trying to fire off a quick note and get back to work. It also helped when I reduced the stored messages to just 1 day on my email accounts; I can live with that, but itd be nice if I could have more. I thought it was helping when I turned off EVDO, but I think that was just from reboots. I still have problems in this area. Just now, actually, as I was typing this, I had an email come in; I clicked on reply, and it took no less than 8 seconds before I could begin typing my reply.....and when I did start typing, it wasn't showing up right away.

    4.) I've had some call quality issues. Some calls are just completely messed up sounding, heavy static or sound like they are in a cave or something.

    I've considered returning it for the Pre and doing the overclock hack and getting the wicked 3800mah extended battery, but man that would be so much larger. Would I really be more satisfied with that, other than the size, though? I don't need 10,000 apps, I don't need to have the sickest 3d games, I don't even need flash; I just want a phone that has a nice interface, that can sync my corporate and personal PIM accounts, has a battery that can last a full day of off and on texts, emails, and calls, and can do it without me having to get frustrated with the sluggishness. It seems the iPhone has the responsiveness down, but not the battery life or data syncing, and the BlackBerry can do that but is even worse at syncing (in a non-BES environment). I think webOS has the most potential to fill all the requiresments, other than my issues above. Thoughts?
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    Might want to try and exchange your phone for a new one if its within the 30 day period. My wife has had hers for close to a month now, and have had only 1 crash (which actually required a battery pull to bring it back to life). Multiple crashing and burning thru battery life, combined with the extreme lag you've described makes it sound like a totally different experience and or phone than what my wife has been experiencing. She needs to charge it nightly, but she has never run out by midday or even evening. We text each other throughout the day and even use Google chat. She syncs her work email and google personal email accounts as well as the google calendar. Works flawlessly and she has never complained about lags or crashes. She is tech challenged and I would hear about it instantly if there was a problem because I'm the one that troubleshoots and teaches her how to get the phone to do the things she wants to do.
    It sounds like you have some kind of phone-lemon.
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    I can speak for battery life. As a disclaimer, I do use the Seidio 1350mah extended battery. I check my e-mail every hour or two (GMail and Exchange). I tend to leave Data connection off during the day as I'm sitting at my work laptop anyway where the e-mails come in. When I do this, my battery lasts for well over 24 hours. I think the question to ask is where your phone is located during the day? If it's in a bad service area, and constantly looking for connection, the battery will drain quickly. This will occur for any phone. Leaving data connection on though all day, my battery may go down 2-3% an hour.

    Palm did include a stock 1150mah battery, which by cell phone batteries for a smartphone, is relatively small. I think the iPhone uses 1500mah (30% more capacity). But they may have gone with the 1150mah for cost and size constraints.

    Another thing I've learned with the battery, the more you check it, the more you notice it goes down. Also, the Seidio works flawlessly with the Touchstone.
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    one thing you can also consider is the mugen 1400 it gives my pre with a overclock of 800mhz kernal 10 hours on moderate use. Though I do think you should exchange your pixi first, thinking as previous posted you may have a bad phone. Also trying clearing your cache on the device every now and then. Remeber its still a computer, and when things like cahe, history, cookies, or a leaked ram on a program it will cause the CPU to work alot harder, and with only 256mg of ram on board it dosent take much. So consider getting another phone first, clear cache, and cookies, and reset the phone if you are running laggy, because it may be because of a program that has a ram leak.
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    The only app that really runs slow for me is Google but yeah you may want to exchange it if the call quality is bad
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    It seems you are a power user and I'm surprised you didn't get the Pre. We had the Pixie and traded it for the Pre. ( I say we, because my daughter got it and I had the Pre). I would say that the Pre would solve issues 2, 3, and 4. It is faster and the call quality of the Pixie was weird/inconsistent and I have read of others saying the same thing. I have used Palms for a long time and am also IT and recommend looking at the Pre, especially with the 800mhz upgrade.
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    no issues with call quality on three different pixis in the company. Speed? Slower than the Pre? Yes. Much slower than an overclocked Pre? Yes. Is a regular Pre still a little slow? Yes. So the slowdown I feel on the Pixi is no big deal. The Pre is just slow compared to my tweaked Moment and the iPhone.

    still think much of that is the nature of the OS and why only the overclocked Pre owners are truly 'happy' as opposed to just complacent.
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    Since you have such an investment in Palm OS apps , have you considered running the CLASSIC app.
    It puts a Treo Centro screen on the Pixie and works very well.

    You say your phone crashes. What do you have on it?
    How many pages/clouds/apps are you running at a time
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    how do you clear the cache on the Pixi?
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    I am not a power user, however I am able to get 36 hours out of a charge with moderate browsing, messaging, email, and phone call. I have noticed that initially my battery would be <50% after a 12 hour day. I started cycling the battery fully before recharging and now it is >50% after a workday and about 20% at the end of the second day. I keep a charger at work in case I have to recharge,,, needing to make a long phone call at 20% isn't a good idea.
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    To clear the cache open a ewb page and tap the upper left corner of the screen to pull down the web menu. choose Preferences, scroll down and you'll see the clear cache button. I clear both the cache and history every couple days.
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    1.) Battery life - I can usually get a day out of it. I unplug around 6:30 and I have to plug back in by 10pm. I have one email account set to "as they arrive". I do light texting and maybe a few minutes of browsing. If I do anymore browsing, youtube, or games then I have to charge at work.

    2.) Instability - I get luna restarts if I try to "multitask" too much. I get the too many card open message when I only have the browser open which kills me. If I browse the web for more than 15 minutes I get the message. There have been times that I have left my phone for an hour or two and when I pick it up I notice it's turned off. I turn it on and there are all my messages and missed calls. Nice.

    3.) Speed - The Pixi's speed wasn't a problem at first but it's becoming more and more a PITA. The phone app takes forever to open sometimes. It just sits there and pulses at me. Switching from app to app hiccups every once in a while. There are time that I flick an app off screen and it gets stuck half way off the page. It's not like this all the time, but like you said it's just very inconsistent. Sometimes it's smooth and other times i just want to crush it in my hands.

    4.) No problems with the call quality. My first one had a blown speaker but the ones after have been great call quality.

    As far as the iPhone goes, it hauls ***** cause its simple. I like it but the OS too me is so stale now.
    As for the Pre you have to prepare yourself for all the hardware issues, but the internals are better.
    I got the Pre when it was released and couldn't take all the issues. So I gave up on it after going through three of them in 3 weeks. Supposedly it's gotten better but I don't know.
    As far as returns go. Make sure you return your phone within 30 days so you can get a new one back cause after the 30 days your looking at refurbs. It's a 50/50 shot your going to get a good one. Then your stuck in the refurb cycle. What if you get a 4 bad ones in a row, guess what they'll send you a 5th one. If you return it and get a new one test drive it and if it has the same problems, it's just not the right phone for you. You can then try the Pre but I know Sprint will charge a $35 fee for switching to another phone, but it's better than getting stuck with a phone that's not for you.

    I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. I may have started to ramble so I'll leave it at that.
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    I exchanged it for the Pre Plus. On the whole transaction, I got $50 back since Verizon changed pricing in the last couple weeks - nice! lol

    Out of the box, I upgraded it to 1.4 and overclocked it to 720mhz. Though I am not particularly fond of the "puck" format and miss the form factor of the Pixi a lot, this phone is 5 times more useful. Even overclocked, I had 30% of battery left at bedtime last night (never even got that close with my Pixi). Its also buttery smooth, I haven't had one ounce of lag or crashing.

    I ordered the Seido 2600mah battery, hopefully that'll give a more solid feel to the phone and that extra bump in juice for heavier days.

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