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    The touchscreen is unresponsive

    Try these steps in order. Stop when the problem is resolved.

    Note Before you begin, make sure that the protective clear plastic touchscreen cover has been removed. If it is still in place, the touchscreen may seem unresponsive.
    If you can use applications on your phone, continue to step 2; if you cannot use applications (the screen is frozen or taps don’t work), skip to step 3.
    Do the following:
    Open Device Info , and tap Reset Options.
    Tap Restart. The restart may take a few minutes.
    If your phone restarts successfully, press and hold power to turn it off.
    Press and hold power , and slide the ringer switch three times to restart your phone.

    I did this and what happened was that the glass that broke after the screen saver, but the LCD screen and looks this good, but not let me do anything, ie not let me touch it! and broke

    anyone know where I can buy this pixi U.S. brought me Dominican Republic

    please help me
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    is a Pixi

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