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    Anyone else get them when pixi gets hot? I do and i have to restart to get rid of them

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    Have never heard of this......

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    i do get artifacts
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    pics or it didnt happen
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    I have no idea what you are talking about unless you mean a new definition for artifact because this is all I found (Artifact:a man-made object taken as a whole) and I don't think that's on your screen
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    think pc gpu artifacts when a gpu or cpu over heats but on a smaller screen. they switch around as i move around
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    and pics are impossible as they are hard to see without a good eye
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    i took a screen cap when they appeared but they didnt show up
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    woah, nice artifacts

    no, seriously, look for a way to get your pixi hot so you can reproduce the problem and take it to your dealer.

    To me it is a hardware issue
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    lol the funny thing is that the artifacts do show up when i view the pic in my phone

    nvm it doesnt in there either

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