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    I was working at my desk and got up quickly and my foot caught the charging cable. This resulted in a slam dunk of my Pixi on the basement floor. Screen smashed to smithereens. Anyone know the best way to do d full erase without acess to the touchscreen? Also do I have to send the old batterry and back cover back to Asurion with my busted phone? Thanks. Rocking the new phone less than 24 hours later. And it's new not refurb.
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    Not sure about stuff with Asurion, but isn't there a command to get into USB mode?
    orange-sym-u I think? Do a search for "usb mode" and you'll probably find what you need to get your personal stuff off it.
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    lmao, thats a good one. almost did the same thing my self about two weeks ago
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    I thought there was a way to remote wipe these, have you called support, or loged into the Palm site? You may be able to wipe it from there.
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    you can always log on to your palm acct and remotely do it but if your phone is not even turning on, then that will not work
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    You don't have to send the battery back. If you are really worried about them accessing your information (which i am going to assume they have no interest in) break the phone into more pieces
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    You know the sad part is, I didn't get the touchstone, which would've prevented this from happening, cause I'm too cheap! With the deductible I just paid I could've had two!
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    orange + syb key + u == usb mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    thanks for the tips. Now I've just got to kick some kids off the computer so I can use it.
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    Got my new phone. After restoring my profile, the first thing I checked was whether it was new or refurb. Got lucky, it's a new one. One thing I did notice is the usb flap is constructed differently so the metal strip shouldn't fall off as easy. It took a while to reload apps and stuff but the Palm Profile had all my email account settings stored and that saved a lot of time.

    Palm did a good job with the profile and made it easy to restore a new phone with all the contacts and settings. Now I've got to get a touchstone so this doesn't happen again!

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