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    Howdy folks,

    I am switching from the Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) to the Pixi Plus. Here are my reasons in case your on the hook like me.

    1. Currently on my 4th Pre Plus. I had keyboard problems, bleeding light on screen issues, weird lines under the screen, and a battery that fried the phone. My current Pre Plus is now developing the lines under the screen again. (They are like tiny fractures (under the screen) barely visible, unless your like me and notice one pixel out of place).

    2. I went and held a Pixi in my hand. It was like holding the perfect phone (form factor and size). It reminded me of by beloved Centro (Sitting in a closet along with an Iphone, Iphone 3g, Iphone 3gs, Motorola Droid).

    Yes, I go through phones like candy. No kids, so I can afford it.

    3. Keyboard! Much better on top then in the egg shell of the Pre Plus.

    While I am a power user, I am not a gamer. I have a Iphone 3gs that works as an Ipod touch since I dumped AT&T. I can play games on that if needed.

    I also added in the mobile hot spot deal, now priced on Verizon at $0.00.

    Wish me luck on keeping this phone.
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    I sure understand why you like the Pixi keyboard over the Pre. Every time I use my wife's Pixi I get so jealous. If only the Pre had the Pixi's keyboard!
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    I recently did the same. After having the pre for two weeks I decided the pixi would be better for me. I was debating for a week on whether or not I should make the switch and I am glad I did. Within the two weeks I had the pre I had two replacements because of the slider. I was also constantly afraid of breaking the pre because of the build quality but the pixi seems much more durable and I don't have any worries. The pre was great, the pixi just is a better fit for me.
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    Thanks for the reply. I read through tons of Pre vs. Pixi posts. I think those who have the Pixi love it. I do not get the overall sense that Pre owners love their Pre as much.

    I am speaking from my experience as well.

    I think my wife is right to call me a "big time Nerd" because I logged in several times today just to see where Fedex is at the moment with my new Pixi.

    Fedex status "Scheduled for Delivery" by 3:00pm. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.......

    I need help.
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    The Pixi is such a nice phone. I can't understand why Palm had to cripple it with the name.

    I made the switch from Pre to Pixi Plus and couldn't be happier -- especially now that we get free WIFI tethering with the Mobile Hotspot.
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    this is my fourth day on my wife an i's spare pixi...(long story but sprint gave it to us after threatening to go to verzizon) together we have gone through 9(soon to be ten when I get home) pre's since our first two in june 3rd started freaking out on me just be fore leaving town I I didn't want to take the chance of it dying on the I updated to 1.4.1 from 1.35, crap what a difference. I tried running with no preware but that only lasted about an hour...oops. Honestly don't care about 3D gaming, I have a computer, just want a phone that hits the web when I want, texts well(keyboard rocks) and is RELIABLE. I thought the wifi thing would be a problem but I really don't miss it and after going to while buried in a hotels indoor pool area watching my kids swim, my test ranged from 961 kbit/sec to 1012 kbit/sec...i don't know, I am so fed up with horrible quality of the pre's hardware, or atleast the 9 we've had in 9 months, I don't want the pre i'm typing my wife texted me saying the refurb pre #6 is crapping out on her!...i'm all about the pixi now, can't wait for the OClocking patches when they come. At this point I think we're going to wait until june/july when some new devices come out_ tell sprint to shove these bogus pre's, keep the pixi I have and trade my pre for an android machine(i love webOs but like to play with other stuff too much) and let the wife trade for whatever...i wonder if verizon users are having the same problems with the pre+? Ours started in month #1...bye bye pre...
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    funny I have a pre and my girl has a pixi I have a launch pre as well and have never experianced anything at all, and there are alot of people i know and has been stated have never had pre problems at all. Though I love the pre (and yes every device that comes out has problems, duds, etc) I really admire the pixi too, and think they are equally great products. If the pre or pixi isnt for you I think its your money, your preference and should really be kept at that. Believe me there are alot of happy pre owners (even looking at the forum where the pre plus is in the finals blowing out the droid by over 6000 votes) people love the pre, but they also love the pixi. I just think we should all just enjoy the Web Os experiance and not bash another version of it.
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    Got my Pixi yesterday to replace my Pre Plus and have loaded it with all my stuff.

    I can say without a doubt I am happier with the Pixi then the Pre. Here is my mini one day use review.

    1. I already know WebOS since I have had a Pre Plus for a while. This is about the hardware.

    First, the keyboard is unbelievable. I can type 10 times faster on it. The best part is what I type is what comes out properly. I amm noot gettinnnng thissss. (Pre plus issues)

    Second, having a one piece phone instead of a slider is much better. Less moving parts to have problems with. I am able to reply to texts or do quick searches without having to deal with a slider keyboard.

    The Pixi is much lighter and more comfortable to hold and use.

    While the WebOS is speeder in some things, it lags in others. I can live with it for the form factor.

    I had the opportunity to use both Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now. Hands down in my opinion Pixi is the clear choice.

    Just waiting on Verizon to get
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    @chris073: I might just do the "same thing".. (except the plus part on the first device).

    I owned the GSM Pre when it came out in Europe.. I loved it but the built quality and some other issues made me get rid of it.

    I'm getting the feeling, i'll be liking the Pixi Plus a lot better. Hope it comes out soon here in Europe and for a good price

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