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    After installing the update on my Sprnt Pixi, I can't get the Engadget app to run. The glowing 'preview' card just sits there -- nothing else happens.

    Have uninstalled/re-installed the app and power-cycled the phone both multiple times and it's still a no-go. Anyone else seeing this?
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    already been posted, it's broken with re update
  3. #3 1.4.1 issues in the sticky thread in the Pre forum. There should be a sticky here directing you there.

    there's always for now.
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    I hate how the Engadget app breaks so often.. I had just updated the app last week so that the comments would work. Why does that app seem so fragile?
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    Update is out in the catalog that fixes the launch issue in
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    I just checked no update in catalog with Sprint. I'll try again.
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    Just updated, works on Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damage_inc View Post
    Just updated, works on Sprint.
    +1. Works now after the 1.0.3 update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post
    Update is out in the catalog that fixes the launch issue in
    Yes! Thanks Engadget dev for the quick fix
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    I'm still having an issue with loading. All I get is a "Failed to load the requested page! Try after sometime." and there's a QUIT button.

    Suggestions? It's version v1.0.3

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