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    I was reading a rant, someone yelling that his Pixi could do everything a pre can do. I owned a Pre, didn't like it cause of the build issues, so I got a Pixi within 27 days or so. Honestly, I see no HUGE difference in performance. It actually probably does uni-tasking better than the pre. Also, the web browser is still really good, even on the small screen. Battery life is alright, not much better than the pre, which is a disappointment. Also, all of the apps I desire work very well, including tweed and feedreader and other apps. Why is the Pre considered the superphone when the Pixi is a entry level phone? I mean, the chipset is used in the HTC legend and Moto Devour, so it is not a slow processor. We have multitouch (extremely good mutitouch). We have all the goodies that the pre has, just no games. Sprint Nav works amazingly. I don't it JUST because of flash? I have a feeling the Pixi would get some sort of flash too.
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    These threads always get messy pretty quick....

    Anyway, there are a good amount of differences between the Pre and Pixi.
    - Both devices have very different internals (CPU, GPU, etc).
    - The Pixi's screen is also quite a bit smaller then the Pre's.
    - 3D Games. Currently, developers are mainly focused on porting 3D games from the iphone to the Pre because both devices have the same screen resolution and very similar internals. The Pixi can handle some type of 3D gaming, but is much more difficult to port over to.
    - Flash. So far, Flash has only been confirmed for the Pre. Every mention of Flash has always specifically mentioned the Pre. There is no official word if it is coming to the Pixi yet.
    - The Pixi has less RAM, therefore it can't have as many cards open (also may be an issue with 3D games)
    - The Pre has access to more apps via the official App Catalog and Preware. (I'm not counting the 3D games here. The last comparison someone did showed the Pre had a couple hundred more apps then the Pixi)

    Ever since the start, Palm has marketed the Pixi as an entry level smart phone. I don't feel as if it really is an entry level phone though; It's specs are pretty decent. It doesn't compare to the big guys (Pre, Droid, iphone 3GS), but it's not extremely underpowered. All it really needs is some Dev love, which seems to be pretty scarce since it seems most Devs are more interested in the Pre. I'm sure things will eventually pick up for the Pixi... It all comes down to which phone fits you best.

    The main feature of the Pixi that people seem to love the most is the solid build quality.
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    When I went to the store looking for a new phone, I went with the intention of getting a Pre+. However, once I held the Pixi+ in my hand it just talked to me! A very solid piece of hardware. So, I had to go home and do some research. After watching the Pre vs. Pixi side-by-side videos with the Pixi launching the same or FASTER than the Pre, I was sold. I usually open an app to check the news or weather and then close it anyway. I have no need to impress somebody by having 15+ cards open.

    A starter phone? -- Stupid marketing, that's just not the case.

    A "nice phone for a woman"? -- Stupid comments. Any techie person would appreciate what palm has put into such a small package.
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    I don't really understand the term "entry level" smart phone, the monthly cost is identical.
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    forget all the blah blah blah above. Bad marketing plain and simple. Outside of the lesser internals itls still strong enough for Moto's mid grade Android phone and still better thanall the gen 1 Android phones. Palm basically screwed up with the Pixi. They should've kept the same internals as the Pre and just marketed to people that prefer the form factor.

    the ONLY reason Pre owners enjoy 3D games is because of the easy prting from iphone. It's not like the Pixi isn't capable of playing 3d games, and with the release of the pdk you might some some trickle in. But seriusly, if you determine a smarpthone by it's ability to play 3D games, well that just makes me laugh. It's usually the aame people that like to consider themselves 'power' users too.

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