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    Wow, I can't help but say that each time I use the phone. I should also point out that I had been a non-camera phone user for a long time due to employment restrictions on what I could bring into work. My ravings may sound even more glowing as upgrading from a Sanyo SCP-7050 to the Pixi is a little like time traveling to the future. The SCP-7050 ruggedized phone was a great phone in itself, the battery still lasts about a week, the screen response is fantastic and it gets great reception everywhere. But multitouch - a camera - now video - and cool accelerometers; to say that I am "geeking out", to quote the Incredibles, is an understatement.

    I am a man for simplicity. A cell phone is supposed to be a device that allows you to be efficient. Clumsily designed hardware, or software that encumbers the user in drawn out operation or repetitive tasks is unsatisfactory in todays market. I don't need 1,000,000 apps. I just need the basics to work well and help me. With that in mind the syncing 'magic' that the webOS has is AWESOME!

    "Yes, I would like to swipe away my notifications like a nobleman would dismiss his subjects."
    You may go now, begone!

    "What? you'll happily sync with my google calendar and allow me to update entries on my phone as well as keep informed of changes made elsewhere?"
    Thank you Palm.

    "Oh, you're not through? you'll also connect to my gmail and let me know when I get messages to my inbox? and let me reply or compose them?"
    Thank you Palm. I bet Google wishes Android were more like you.

    "What? you'll go on my facebook and add my 'friends' to my contacts? and put little pictures of them in there?"

    Well alright, maybe I'll actually use facebook for a change.

    It doesn't stop there. I can take a picture (or video)and a second later share it via email, mms, or facebook. How cool. I can locate myself on google maps and find out where the nearest anything is, check traffic, and conveniently zoom using multitouch. That's just fantastic no more goog-411.

    The best part is that it does all this with very limited interaction from me, and that's the way it should be. I'm sure all the other phones can do similar things but I sincerely doubt they do this as seamless as webOS. (I know from experience windows mobile is archaic, confusing, and horribly cluttered.) The intuitiveness of palm's offering is genius. The Cards concept is just awesome and if a tablet device shows up I will probably buy one as long as it can display the e-edition of my local paper. (The pixi loads the ActiveDailyPaper applet but fails to render the pages in it ->

    Now can anyone help me locate good accessories for protecting this gem? Like scratch films and holsters etc.?
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    welcome, glad you're enjoying the phone...I recommend phantom skinz for screen protection. I use it for my pre and wife's pixi and it's great!

    Also, since you're enjoying your pixi so much, let others know and post some reviews on amazon, sprint, etc.
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    Welcome to the family
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    welcome to the family!
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    welcome to la familia!! lol
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    same here i came from helio and their ocean
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    welcome to the wonderful world we so know and love lol you should definitely give great reviews anywhere you can and recommend to friends andfamily see ya around peace
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    Aaaahhh i remeber the helio ocean, it was nice in its time
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    Welcome to the best phone out there....
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    Yes, I second kkumar99's comment up there-- don't hesitate to write up reviews on internet retailers and even user reviews on c-net and the like. We here on PreCentral already know the deal, but other people out there need to know how great these phones are!
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    good choice on picking a pixi theyre really great phones
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    Nice Post! Very refreshing
    I recommend the Skinomi Tech skin.
    Welcome to webOS and the PreCentral family.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    Glad you are enjoying it so much! I just got my Pixi a lil over a week ago & I love it too! I had a Sanyo Katana DLX, which was a good basic flip phone with camera, but I killed it when I left it in my pocket when it went into the washer (even though it barely went thru the cycle). I love being able to multitask, having a touchscreen, & having a physical keyboard.
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    nice op opening
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    Welcome! The Pixi really is a superb phone.
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    As it's been mentioned above, you write one heck of a review. Please repeat on Amazon and other such sites.

    Welcome to webOS!
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    great review on a great phone. I love mine. Everyone that sees it is amazed at all it can do and the size is perfect.
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    welcome. I use a ZAGG to protect my screen. Same material the use on the leading edge of airraft wing. Bullet proof and is covers the corners of the phone. Lifetime guarantee if you ever damage it.

    best price I found was on amazon.

    and don't forget to vote at the laptopmag poll!
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    I kept the screen protector that was already on it (just clipped the tab off).
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    Welcome, and thanks for the great write-up. We all wish that Palm would create a commercial to demonstrate the use case in your write up.

    We all know how great this phone is (at least most of us do) but Palm hasn't done a good job of showing that in their ads.

    Nice write up. You clearly know how to maximize the use of your phone!
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