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    OMG! My damn Pixi Screen cracked at the corner. I woke up this morning to get water as usual and my Pixi is on the floor with the screen cracked at the corner. And The screen or the gesture area isn't working. I am too ****ed right now.

    So does anybody know what to do. Can the repair center replace the screen or do I just have to pay the $100 fee.
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    Did you find anything out? My son cracked his Pixi screen and I'm looking for repair options.
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    As far as I know, a cracked screen is always a $100 dollar repair.

    I decided to drop the insurance because of the newer higher deductible and because you can find used/refurbed Pixi's for $100-$150, which all you'll get under the insurance plan.

    Think about it. Sprint charges $7 dollars a month. That is $84 dollars a year...or about $50 in 7 months. So the insurance only breaks even if you lose or break a phone every 7 months (worse case...less if you find the phone cheaper than $150.)
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    my daughter just did and we're coughing up the $100, my Pre also cracked on sidebottom - touchscreen not effed up yet but i have upgrade in june (luckily)
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    I got a Pixi for my daughter, and it ended up with a cracked screen. It cost $125 to get it "fixed" at the Sprint repair center. They don't actually fix it, just replace with a refurb.

    The Pixi actually has a lot less protection from bending or pressure damage. There isn't much to keep the screen rigid--downside to a very thin, light phone. Need to have a case.

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