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    I do not yet own a Pixi, although I was planning to get one April 1st (no joke!) which is the date of my available upgrade through Sprint. However, I have been reading articles lately about the concern of Palm's future and I wanted to get your opinion on this topic. It seems illogical for someone to buy this company, as they have so much debt. I am curious to know how Sprint will support my new Pixi if the company does go under and I have problems in the future/near future.

    Any thoughts on Palm? Is it worth buying a phone from a company that doesn't have a bright future?

    Reassurance would be great...I have been waiting to get a Pixi for a few weeks now!
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    There are many threads on this topic already. Browse or search a few of the forums and you will find many opinions on the matter.

    Bottom have nothing to worry about. If you buy a Pixi today Palm will be around for at least as long as your 2 year contract. Even if Palm went tits up next week Sprint would still support the phone for a year or two and if they can't they will give you something else.
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    What he said. ^^
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    Thanks! I will continue to browse the forums. I am new to Palm all together...just wanted some opinions before I make the jump.
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    palm has a future? This is the rent-a-os world now thanks to the cloud and operating systems not being responsible for your information. So thankfully on Sprint you only need to rent for a year (not 2). With all of your info in the cloud and easily transferred to Android or Win7 next year, who really cares if Palm goes belly up? You'll have Android 3.0 with the evo as your worst option and a brand spanking new win7 phone. Not bad for options. Palm who? That is unless Palm surprises with a mid spring intro to a sweet 2nd gen device that geta the same reaction the Evo did. Then you really have no worries come 4-1-11.
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    palms not going anywhere...remember PALM pilots...yea, same company. btw 3 major carriers will be carrying the pre and pixi that must mean something...oh yea, its awesome
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    I owned a US Robotics branded Palm. I remember, and this isn't them. How bad is it when a user creates a better commercial than they can after three different attempts? What company whines about the Droid stealing their thunder and blames them for their sales woes? What company creates a brand new OS that's supposed to be the shiznit and puts in on a flagship phone with subpar build quality. My Palm Vx was built like a tank. Those Tungstens were also built like tanks. It was handspring that brought the Treo to life, not Palm. Then Palm couldn't do one thing to innovate with its successors. The Centro is a phone that should've existed two years earlier. Palm saw its hey day and squandered it as everybody else passed them by. This time, that could happen much quicker. webOS might survive, but it doesn't mean it has to have the Palm name attached to it.
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