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    I have had my Pixi for less than a week. I've noticed that during voice calls on my pixi (talking to someone or even calling my voicemail, both w/ speakerphone on or off), there is some weird noise while the other person is speaking (not sure how to describe it, other than its kinda of a static sound & there isn't any distortion of voice). It's distracting & makes it hard to understand everything that is being said (not super bad though but still).

    There is no issue when I watch YouTube videos or vids I took with the phone or Sprint navigation/tv/radio, or ringers. Only during calls. I do not use Bluetooth or anything like that, have not even used headphones with the phone. I should have good signal, as I never had issues before I got this phone & although sometimes it says my signal is low, it still works (the internet, apps, etc) just fine.

    I've looked around to see if anyone else has a similar issue w/ a solution & can't seem to find an answer. Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it!

    EDIT: The best way I can describe the noise it that it is like the volume is turned up to loud, but it does it no matter what volume it is set at, just less so if lower & more so when someone enunciates something more.
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    My new Pixi had kind of a crackeling sound on the other end when called talked, but as you said, their voices weren't distorted. My voice sounded fine to the other callers and it happend with good or weak signal but not with bluetooth, which sounded fine. Mine was a Pixi Plus and it started about a week after I got it. I fixed it by returning it to verizon for a new one and it is fine.
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    Mine isn't exactly crackling, it is more like the volume is up too loud but it does it at all levels but its less noticeable when down.

    I don't want to have to exchange it because I don't want to pay any restocking fees. I bought mine at Radio Shack & have it through Sprint.
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    You know, I experienced this same audio artifact on my wife's Pixi. Though my Pre does not have this issue at all.
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    i am having the same issue on one of my pixi's, anyone have any ideas???
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    Same here, I may take it in to have it looked at.
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    I haven't tried this yet, but this is the response I got on Palm's Support Forum...

    If the other applications are using the speaker fine. Does this issue happen when you use the speaker on a call? If so, it could be the device. Otherwise, if the issue only happens when your on a call, whether using the speakerphone, headset, or hold it to your ear, it could be the carrier.

    I would first try a restart on the device through the Device Info> Reset Options> Restart.

    There is also an interactive test for the audio on the device. If you go to Device Info> tap on the top left Preferences> Tests> Interactive Tests> Audio. This will test your device for all the audio outputs.

    If you have a failure or any errors reported from the tests, you can send the report to Palm through the device. (instructions will appear if the test fails)

    I would consider replacing the device if it is a device info. It sounds like a hardware issue or a carrier issue.

    If anyone has any luck with anything (taking it in, trading for another Pixi, the above, etc), please post here! Thanks!
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    I have this problem on my normal pre. It seems to have happened sometime between 1.4.1 and now.
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    I did try the audio tests (before & after the restart) & restart through Device Info, but it didn't help. I even noticed the noise slightly while doing the earpiece check.

    Emailed Sprint who recommended calling tech support, & seeing if they could help, otherwise have to take my phone in for exchange.

    In their email, it said that I could mail it or go to a Sprint store. I actually got the Pixi through RadioShack, so does anyone know whether I would take it there or to a Sprint store (either one is the same distance from me pretty much)?
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    I just wanted to add something to this. Today I plugged in earphones & listened to voicemail messages & didn't really notice the noise at all. Normally I do through the earpiece & less so over speaker phone.

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