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    Hello Everyone,

    I've never really paid much attention to the Pre or the Pixi, but I wandered into a Verizon store the other day and met the Pixi for the first time. I was blown away by the UI, the way it felt in my hand, and the ID.
    I left depressed because I've got a 2 yr contract for my iPhone 3GS-(work pays for the phone and the data bill). I never use the iPhone 3GS, I prefer a smaller phone, Nokia N79 is my daily phone.
    Now tha ATT has announced the Palm phones are to be sold by them. The Pixi would be perfect for me, I don't want to play any games, don't want to kinetically scroll at 100 miles an hour, I just want to get things done at a reasonable speed, just as fast or slightly faster than my N79 which runs an ARM11 369 MHz processor.

    My question is when I get the Pixi (Plus) from ATT then it's got this crap from ATT on the phone, what if I want to get rid of that stuff do the experts here think that is possible, or is it a ROM image that can't be removed? Coming from Nokia I'm an independent sort and want nothing to do with Carrier phones, but man that Pixi is tempting...
    Would it be possible to get the 10.00 month ATT Nav off there and other useless stuff to add my own from the App/Homebrew store?

    PS: I'd be willing to pay a decent / fair amount for an unlocked carrier independent, does anyone know if / when that is likely to happen?

    Thanks again, and nice to meet you all.
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    OK, new here didn't use the search function.

    I've found this thread: Cross-Platform Meta-Doctor Guide (bypass carrier activation, etc.) and I will study this until ATT is released and the phones can be examined.

    Thanks again and sorry for not realizing topic was covered (for Spring and Verizon) already. Should be the same for ATT items.

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