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    Can someone send me the original Pixi ring tones or tell me a place where I can get them. I deleted mine by mistake. Thanks in advance.
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    try using the repair utility or u may need to dr. it
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    Wont that delete my apps and patches?
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    It will. After syncing my Pre with Songbird all my ringtones were deleted.. Is there any known source for the ringtones, or can anyone upload them please?
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    I read in another post that all you have to do is go into your ringtones while in usb mode and grab them out the ringtone folder. Would somebody be so kind to share their ringtones?
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    Here you go..
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    Quote Originally Posted by neos200 View Post
    Here you go..
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    songbird deleted my wifes as well, use media monkey
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    Technically, it's not really all that legal to do that. I doubt Palm will go after you for that, but regardless, the legal way to do so would be to open up a webOS Doctor jar file with winRAR or 7-zip or something of that sort. If you browse through the file enough (hint, look inside the really large files) you'll eventually get to the file structure of the Pre. Then browse to media/internal/ringtones/ and extract them from there.
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    I don't think it is more legal to get the files from the webOS doctor, altough this way you are not directly sharing the ringtones across the internet. I got the files from a friend of mine, so i don't think really it is a problem. Rapidshare will disable the file after 10 downloads.
    Nevertheless thanks for the hint!

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