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    Since the last update to my Palm Pixi the text thread times merge into one day at midnight with the times disappearing. So its one long thread from the day before with NO times. How do I see what time a specific text in a thread came in that day? Thank you for help with this!
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    There's a patch for that.

    WebOSQuickInstall...and/or PreWare will get you there.
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    Thank you! I'm really not sure how to download a patch. Could you please give me some step by step instructions I would really appreciate it.
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    The time stamp is gone on mine as well. I didn't notice until two days ago....
    I don't have any homebrew stuff going on either.
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    The timestamp has always been something that shows up for recent messages and then gets aggregated for older messages. Some folks like that and others don't. Hence, the patch.

    If you want the patch, follow the instructions here to install WebOSQuickInstall on your computer:

    When you are done, connect your Pre/Pixi via USB and launch WebOSQuickInstall. If you followed the instructions in that thread (including putting your Pre/Pixi in "dev mode"), you will be ready to select patches. To do so, select Tools->Tweaks from the menu and select whatever tweaks you like. I don't have it in front of me, but I think there is one there for messaging timestamps.

    The instructions in the thread referenced above are fairly straightforward and don't require significant technical skill. You can also use WebOSQuickInstall to install the PreWare app on you Pre/Pixi, which then allows you to add and remove patches and home brew apps on the fly directly from your phone.

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    Good luck.


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