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    Is there a way to change the apps on the home screen? Ive been looking for a way to have the browser and the messaging app on the home screen instead of the calender and email.
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    you can just press the icon on the home screen and wait a second or 2 and you can move it and then do the same thing with any app icon and put it in its place
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    open the launcher and then just drag and drop whatever you want on the home screen, to the bottom home screen thingy, there has to be space, so remove an icon from there (the bottom, home screen), hold until it highlights and then drag it up... and move around your icons...
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    Get Preware and you have the "Add/Delete" pages patch, and then you can use the "named pages in app launcher" which makes it really easy to move apps from one page to another.
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    Thanks everyone! Still a newbie to palm and webos. love my pixi!!!

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