Hi Palm Pixi users.

I use a Mac with Snow Leopard.

Right after installing the latest update I had trouble getting my computer to recognize my pixi and most of my patches were either not working or I was unable to install them.

I did the following:

1. deleted Preware from the Pixi
2. Deleted WebOSDoctor.jar
3. Deleted WebOSQuickInstall.jar
4. Deleted WebOSRepairUtility.jar

I downloaded all new versions of these programs.

I was finally able to get my computer to recognize the phone and reinstall Preware through WebOSQuickInstall.

I was then unable to remove and reinstall patches. Kept getting IPKG errors.

I ran the Emergency Repair Patch but still have 6 patches left that I can't seem to remove in any way:

1. Add Priority Discard Btns
2. Command Line
3. Gesture Tap for Info and Delete
4. Reset Scroll Position
5. Show Download Count
6. Unthrottle Download Manager

Every time I try to remove them using either WebOSQuick Install or Preware I continue to get errors.

They are also stopping WebOSInstall from updating the Tweaks area.

I tried WebOS Repair Utility 1.9 but it says that it's not compatible with my phone.

Does anyone out there know how I can remove these patches? If I use WebOSDoctor - does it delete applications I have paid for?

Any help would be much appreciated.