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    recently i had a bit of an issue with the touch screen of my pixi in which it just died completely, luckily it was covered under warranty so i sent it off and got it fixed. However, after recieving it back ive noticed that the silent switch is a bit off and whenever the backing is on, i cant manage to turn on the ringer. Its quite annoying and i really cant stand the idea of sending it back to palm so they can fix whatever they did to it as last time it took them a full month to get me my phone back. So i have turned to the precentral people hoping someone else could provide a bit of advice or if im just stuck with having to send it off again.
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    Have you attempted to reseat the back casing? Maybe it's just not snapped on properly.
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    have you tried the switch with the cover off?

    have you looked at the slot on the cover to see if there is some extra plastic left over from the molding process?
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    Ive taken the cover on and off multiple times with no prevail, and I'm using the original back I had before I shipped the phone out to get the screen fixed. I guess I might try to widdle off a little more plastic and see if that works...
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    have you tried the switch with the cover off?
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    I had this problem. It's a defect with the casing. I had to get a new one to solve the problem. Take it to a store - they should be able to switch it out for you. My phone wouldn't stop vibrating. But it took me a trip to 3 different stores before I got someone to believe me.
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    yes, it works perfectly fine with the casing off, but the thing I find strange is that it was perfectly functional with the back I have on it right now before I shipped it off to palm.
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    they could've put a different back on when they shipped it back... Sprint store could switch it out for you without sending it back to palm. Just try a different one out in the store first to be sure.
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    no it's the original backing I kept it when they shipped it out, and I know that it's the same phone because of the serial number...
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    My pixi originally had that problem when I got it.
    After letting Sprint take a look at it, they determined that the switch was broken internally. Like it wasn't because I dropped it or because it got wet.

    They prolly broke it when they fixed your screen because apparently the piece inside is small. I would at least go to one of the Sprint stores that work on phones and you might just luck up with a new free pixi cuz that's exactly what happened to me.

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