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    Hey everyone! Just ordered a new Pixi Plus from Amazon for $0.01!! WOOHOO!

    Anyway, I LOVE WebOS. I left my BB Storm for the Pre Plus but I wasnt to happy with the slider and worrying if it would last 2 years. So I went to the Droid and HATED it! The Keyboard on the Droid is crap! What's the point of having it then? Well I returned that and now I am back on my Storm while I wait to get my Pixi+ on Tuesday! Can't wait!!
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    congrats on getting the pixi i have the pixi on sprint and am very happy with it
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    I've touch one a few times at a VZW store and I liked it. Definitely feels solid.
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    I went to the store with the intent of getting a Pre+, but ended up with the Pixi+. Once I held it in my hand, I was sold. And I'm a guy with big hands .... no regrets.
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    You got it for an awesome price

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