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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    Every Pixi back (artist series, too) is supposed to be compatible. I don't have a Pixi or a Touchstone so I can't say for sure.
    i can tell you for sure pixi from sprint does not come with a ts back you have to buy one about 20 bucks for the plain black one and about 50 for the artist back covers give or take a few bucks i my self own a pixi and am waiting for some one to come out with a big *** battery and back cover that will work on the ts
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    My wife has a VZW Pixi Plus, it comes with the standard back. I'm thinking about getting an artist series back for her. I have the VZW Pre Plus. It does come with the TS charging back and no standard back. Hope this clears up things on the VZW end.
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    My wife had to buy the TS back for 20 dollars. I do like how the Pixi TS back has little dimples in it. I wish my pre plus had a similiar one.

    I also think the magnetic USB door was a great touch, instead of the dangling-I could fall out at anytime-plastic thingy on my pre plus...
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    just wait for the metal plate to fall off Not even crazy glue offers a permanent fix.
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    My VZW Pixi came with a regular back, not TS compatible.

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    Can't say anything about the Verizon Pixi Plus, but my wife's Sprint Pixi came with a regular back that just feels like a TS back. Sorry mate.
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