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    My wife updated her Pixi to 1.4 yesterday. Worked for a few calls then got stuck with a green background image that appears as soon as the phone is unlocked. At that point, nothing works. Can't accept incoming calls, can't connect via USB, can't reset the device. We've tried removing the battery a dozen times, using opt-sym-r to restart, holding down the volume up while connecting the USB... nothing worked.

    When we called Sprint, it only took 10 minutes and explaining the issue twice to get them to send a new Pixi. This leads me to believe we are not the only ones having this issue.

    Has anyone else seen this "green screen" behavior?
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    I had a wierd issue where the screen went garbled (think "multicolored static") but I was able to solve it by removing the battery and rebooting. That is all.
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    My Pixi has gone screen and the unlock screen will not appear. Can't make OR receive any calls. The phone rings but I can't answer. Can't text. Nothing. Pulled battery and did they Command SYM R reset many times. No change. Calling Palm and I will post back what happens next. Oh, and the link the WebOS Doctor on Palm's site is broken! One of those days..

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