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    I just noticed this happening over the last 12 hours.

    When I'm in an application, and go forward (say in contacts and pick a contact) using the right to left gesture only studders the card a bit (nudges/moves very slightly to the left) but moves back and does nothing.

    I can't get back to the previous page of any app I'm in.

    The light is "moving" and lights up, but there is no response to the gesture other than the brief nudge movement of the screen.

    If I try long enough, sometimes the phone will respond and go back, but only sometimes...and this issue is happening with any and all apps that I've tried so far.

    I have a few patches installed (mostly for my text messages) but they were installed weeks ago and I haven't had any other issues with the phone so far.

    Any help or ideas?
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    I believe this is caused by a setting which allows you to use the gesture area to switch between apps or cards. You need to turn it off and it should be back to normal. Im not sure where the setting is located, i believe its under screen and lock.
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    Alright, Turn off "Advance Gestures" under Screen & Lock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdarknessb View Post
    Alright, Turn off "Advance Gestures" under Screen & Lock.
    Duh, and Thanks.

    That was it, don't know how advanced gestures got turned on, but its turned off now and everything is working fine.

    Sorry for being such a noob.
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    With some practice, advanced gestures makes webos a lot more fluid.

    Train yourself to use the back and forward gestures on only half of the gesture area. Then, when you have multiple cards open, you can do a full-area swipe to switch between cards without having to tap out of them. IMO it's a great feature.
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    Happened to me once, too. I never deliberately enabled it, but nonetheless it had been. That was why I never thought to check there until someone here said the same thing.

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