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    I think a lot of people who own a pre is like the guys who drive fancy sports cars because they have extreamly small pdk packages
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    I'm still on the floor... Nice one.

    Even if I did agree with you, I'd say that's still better than having a giant iFail stuck to your hand.

    On Topic: I've been a Pre owner for a while and definitely disagree with the sentiment you guys are feeling about the Pixi. I don't think it's seen as competition by the Pre owners. At least none of the threads I regular have anyone looking down on the Pixi. Personally, I want the Palm Franchise to increase their selection with higher and even lower end devices so they have a full spectrum of completely different devices all running the MOST IMPORTANT PART: WebOS.

    If the Pixi didn't have WebOS, then I would sit here and mock you all until my fingers bled about your pitifully inferior toys. However, the Pixi is as useful of a machine as the Pre, IMHO.
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