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    I love my pre but I just love the Pixi form factor so much more. While I need a smartphone I don't necessarily need all the power that the Pre has. I don't play games and I rarely use wifi (will be a sprint pixi if I get one). Other than the camera not being as good and the other two mentioned features will I notice much of a performance difference between the two devices? Will apps run slower? Will the lag that the Pre has be even worse on the Pixi? Do all you Pixi owners have Pre envy or are you perfectly happy with your Pixi? Thanks for any advice you might have!
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    well im pretty sure the lag wont be noticeably worse from the limited time i used one in the sprint store but other than what you mentioned and the smaller lower res screen thats about it
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    how many cards do you usually run at the same time? do you use a lot of memory intensive apps? I have tried the Pixi. LOVED the formfactor and the keyboard and size. It was really just limited for a power user like me so i switched to a Pre Plus. If it were as powerful i would grab the Pixi in a heartbeat.
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    I use it for email, moderate web browsing, text, etc. I don't run a lot of high intensity apps except for navigation. I usually have 3 - 5 cards open at once and what little lag there is doesn't bother me at all. I could've gone with the Pre but love the Pixi form factor and the keyboard is the best out there. I'm not a gamer and don't need wifi so the Sprint Pixi was perfect for me.
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    Say bye-bye to Flash capabilities! But if you like the form factor more, then I say go for it!
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    The pixi is a great smart phone. If it was a tad wider and longer, and not called pixi, I would get one. The keyboard, though small, is way better than the pre and is as good or better than any keyboard I've tried. It feels solid in the hand. No wifi is a bummer though, but if you're in good sprint coverage are like I am, that wouldn't be a negative.

    The screen is small and not as bright as the pre. With that said, web browsing and readability is surprisingly good. As far as performance, the pixi seems quicker at opening apps than the pre.

    Of course there's no 3d gaming support and you wouldn't be able to open as many apps. Most users would notice than difference. No flash support when it's available. Overall, I've envied my wife's phone. Can't go wrong with this device if you can get over the name (pixi).
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    I ended up buying a pixi when it came out. (found a good deal online). I actually didn't notice much difference in lag, it was roughly the same as my pre. However, if you have a few cards open, there are times when it slows down to a crawl, it wasn't constant, but every once in a while, it would hang up for 5-10 seconds, mostly when opening up a new card. So as long as you don't multitask too much, you should be fine. Another noticeable difference is the screen is not nearly as bright as the pre, but I didn't have any problems viewing it in sunlight. I ended up giving the pixi to a family member because they were in need of a new phone. Had I chosen the pixi over the pre, I wouldn't of had any regrets, since it did what I needed my pre to do just as well.
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    I made the switch from the Pre to the Pixi and really don't have any regrets. There are a few times that I wish I have the Pre screen back, but that has worked out better than I thought.

    I really like the Pixi keyboard much more than the Pre and always have it available makes it s real pleasure to use. I can't say that I noticed any difference in performance or lag with the switch.
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    Go for it.

    The Pixi form factor is killer. Every once in a while I get a bit of lag on my Pixi, however it sure beats the weird form factor of the Pre (sharp edges, slider mechanism, terrible keyboard).

    Also though before you go out an buy a Pixi know a few things:
    1) No Flash ... forever probably. (I was unaware at my purchase - however probably wouldn't have changed my mind)
    2) No Terminal ... for the time being. (This is killing me at the moment since I am a big linux user and I'm accustomed to having a terminal and since 1.4 broke Terminal and Terminus is only Pre supported - all Pixi users just have to play the waiting game for this one for now)
    3) Some Apps are Pre only but rarely visa versa - You'll just have to deal with that and be happy that over all else you have the best form factor and an awesome keyboard.

    Overall though, even with it's software disadvantages at times, the form factor and keyboard of the Pixi totally make it worth it.
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    I've never used a Pre before, but I've had my Pixi since it was first released. I really love the form factor and design. Although the screen is physically smaller than the Pre's, it seems plenty big for me. In fact, I use the Sprint Navigation App while I'm driving with my Pixi on a touchstone charger on my center console and I can see the screen just fine.

    The battery life is acceptable (I charge it while driving and at home) and I don't notice much response lag. I definitely would recommend the phone if you don't like slideout keyboards.

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    My daughter was totally opposed to the Pre and the sliding keyboard. She didn't even want to look at it when we went to the Verizon store to get a phone. Of course, she does a lot of texting.

    Three weeks later she traded it for a Pre Plus and is very happy. The reason for trading was the lag on the Pixie.
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    Did your daughter's Pixi have 1.4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    Did your daughter's Pixi have 1.4?
    No. Perhaps that made a difference.
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    I switched recently, and I can attest that the lag is not noticeable.
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    Thanks everyone. I think if I can find a good deal on one I'm going to make the switch. If I don't like it then I'll have my Pre as backup.

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