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    I just got the Palm Pixi Plus yesterday. So far I like the phone but my big issue is that I can't feel it when it vibrates. I need to be able to know when I get a text! Any one else have this problem? Any solutions? Or even ideas that might work?
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    Have you installed the vibrate patches for text/email? You can elongate the amount of the time your phone vibrates for. This helped me out greatly.

    After installing the patches, I rarely miss any event on my phone. It's all under Preware btw.
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    beat me to it
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    Just out of curiosity, is there a version that responds properly to the setting of just ring and ring+vibrate?

    When I tried this patch when it first came out it vibrated no matter what setting it was on. I prefer ring only or vibrate only with the hardware toggle switch.
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    Thought I too would voice my displeasure with the vibration of the Pixi. I installed the patches, but 3 seconds of weak vibration is still not good for me.

    I was thinking about returning for the Pre. Any thoughts on that? I like the phone, but I almost never keep my phone on ring.

    The centro I had before was at least fixable with the Butler software. I'm guessing there isn't a software like that for WebOS? Besides the patches, that is....
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    I suspect the vibe is similar between the Pixi and the Pre. I am hoping for an app that can address this issue, as it is still the only issue i have with the phone.

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