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    I may soon be making the switch from the Pre to the Pixi, and I'm wondering if the Palm Backup will work out OK. Considering I was saving all of my contacts and other data to the cloud with my Pre, I should be able to just sync my backup profile with the Pixi.

    But the bigger concern is text messages (SMS). I have backed up my SMS from my Pre (using the PalmDatabase.db3 file) and even restored them without issue on a Pre of the same webOS version (say after doing a webOS Doctor), but considering the devices are different and the webOS version will likely be different, I'm not holding out much hope for this. Has anyone done this successfully? Perhaps I can edit the PalmDatabase.db3 file.
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    Looks like as long as the webOS version is the same, that you shouldn't have any problem just copying the PalmDatabase.db3 file from a Pre to a Pixi. I just did that, both using webOS 1.4.0, and all went well.

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