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    Hey everyone,

    I just bought my Pixi Pro earlier tonight, and so far I'm pretty pleased. Everything is working great.

    Except Yahoo! Messenger. I've been looking all over the Internet for a solution to this, but the best I can find are conflicting reports on whether or not it should work with 1.4 or not.

    I'm able to sign in and sync Yahoo! with contacts, calender, and email, but none of these grant me access to Messenger.

    Has anyone actually figured out what the problem is with this? And is there a way to fix it?

    Thank you for your help.
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    If it's like the Pre, it's just built into the Messaging app. Same place you text from.
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    Do you mean Pixi Plus? On Verizon? There is yahoo contacts and calendar sync -- but no yahoo messenger on the Verizon Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

    Your instant messaging choices are only AIM and Google Talk.

    More information from the Official Palm Forums: No Yahoo IM for Verizon? - Palm Support Community

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