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    Hi, I'm attempting to install a new theme for the first time, and have been following the steps, but when I hit the Themer button on the WebOS Quick Install program, it tells me that it can't until the new installation is complete. I have tried the reinstallation of the Novacom, twice, and I did put the phone into developer's mode. I can't disconnect because the safely remove hardware is telling me that a program is still using it, but I have been sitting here for a half hour and nothing has changed. Now, the WebOS quick install screen has disappeared, and I don't know where to find it. (Not all of us are brainers)

    Please help.

    Update: After restarting the Quick Install program, I found the filecoaster file on the screen and uploaded that onto the pre, then I was able to install the theme I wanted. But, the safely remove hardware on my comp never wanted to allow me to remove the pre, telling me that it was still using a program. Could this refer to the quick install program?

    Ok, a few minutes later, and although I have the new theme working, and the phone is still in developer's mode, after reconnecting the phone to the comp and hitting "just charge" the WebOS quick install program doesn't appear. I have searched my machine for it, but I can't find it by that name. Now, I really AM stuck. Any suggestions?
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