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    haven't had the sorry to many cards all week on the pixi after the 1.4 but then all of a sudden today I didn't have any cards open and my phone froze for a little bit then I got a notification about critical memory to many cards just wandering if anybody else encountered this with 1.4
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    i got this exact same message like 5 minutes ago.. but i had twee, facebook, and precentrals forum open.. desktop not mobile.. my phone became very unresponsive.. so i closed everything but precentral.. the notification went away, but then came back about a minute later.. so i just luna resetted..
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    do a search for it lots of people have its just a glitch from the update and palm is working on a fix right now is what I was told.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Hopefully they can fix it soon. I'm getting it literally every 5-10 minutes. Even when nothing is open.
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    how do you luna restart? O.o
    I'm guessing option+sym+r??? coz that's what I do. I know webOS inside out and then some, I just don't know the terms...
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    I just hold the power button then restart.

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