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    Does the new blink notifications in webos 1.4 work for missed phone calls and calendar events? Mine is working for emails and texts.
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    I don't really use my calender for any events so I can't say about that, but I know for sure that it will blink with missed call notification.

    One thing I have noticed is that some times it blinks one slow blink every few secs and then sometimes it blinks two fast blinks every few secs. I haven't been able to peg down what makes it do the different blinks yet.
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    it used to blink for me when anything came up, but now it doesn't seem to blink for new texts... waiting to see for calendar and missed phone calls.
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    same exact thing here...the 2 blinks are kind of annoying I like the unobtrusively discreet one blink that fades in and out...its kinda like the pixi's "heartbeat" as my friend with a E71 refers to his blinking light.

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