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    My text message notification on 1.3.5 was pretty long maybe a quarter to half a second long and now after updating its a real quick 16th to 8th of a second long buzz it bugs me a bit and i want to know if anyone else has seen this
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    Yeah, others have posted complaints about this issue.
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    got links? any fixes out?
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    No fix yet, maybe some smart developer will make a patch do fix this or Palm will adress this and other minor quirks with an update.
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    yeah ive noticed it barely vibrates but then again the vibration has never been very strong since i got the phone but i have noticed it only vibrates for like a second now
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    Some how today, both my wifes pre and mine no longer buzz when we get txt msg's - didnt touch a thing and the reboot didnt solve, any ideas to why and how to fix !?
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    You people do know there are notification patches you can download via preware or webOS Quick Install, right? You can have it vibrate for up to two seconds.

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